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Bishop Arts Athletics

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DTX Endurance Program

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Bishop Arts Run Club

Not just for runners, this specialty class will test and build your aerobic threshold, lactate threshold, VO2 max, and strength endurance. You will work on conditioning, strength, speed, and power while covering technique and form. We will cover barbell strength work for endurance athletes as well as aerobic work.

Maybe you are a former athlete or are just wanting to get healthy, running is a great way to build a strong body and mind. Running is scientifically proven to build better bone density, strengthen muscles, and improve overall cardiovascular fitness. Critics claim that running decreases the chances of cancer and arteriosclerosis. 

Our program runs from February - December.

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Bishop Arts HIIT

Bishop Arts HIIT offers 30 minute classes daily. Typically a full body workout, you will use a variety of equipment such as medicine and stability balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, and battle  ropes. This is circuit training at it's best. Our coaches know when to advance the movements based on athlete performance and demonstrated ability. Whether you are looking to build some strength, learn to move faster, or just tone your body, Bishop Arts HIIT is a great class to join. 

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