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Fortifying your strength through varied weight lifting movements with functionality in mind.  These lifts consist of deadlifts, snatch, clean & jerk and other lifts made to help increase performance, flexibility and strength.  



The willingness to change or comprise.  We focus on functional flexibility such as being able to tie your shoes without having to sit down each time or being able to reach completely behind your back in order to scratch your back.  Through functional training, you will gain flexibility in the most common inflexible areas such as shoulders, lower back and leg muscles that include your quadriceps and hamstring muscles.  



Fitness is a word that most of the time is misused.  At BAA, we use the term Fitness, to describe someone that is wanting to feel better about themselves both physically and emotionally.  Fitness means being able to play with your kids and not be out of breath or simply being able to unload all of the groceries from your vehicle all at once.  What are your Fitness Goals?


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The only way to know what you like or don’t like, is to sample as many differentmany foods in order to know that or in this case different types of gyms and workout styles.  Come to any of our scheduled classes about 5-10 min before class. 

Bishop Arts Athletics powered by CGS CrossFit

730 W Davis St, Dallas, Texas 75208, United States

(214) 273-0068

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